Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

Terms and conditions of lost and stolen watch and jewellery register 

Terms and conditions of use of how services registering lost and stolen watches

How registering agreement allows

How companies and affiliates and you (the client) 

The client can make a payment of a agreed fee to register a lost or stolen watch on the lost and stolen register. 

The client must provide full and accurate information of all the lost or stolen watches any misleading information may result in the information being removed from the register no refund will be issued. 

It is very important to understand that the lost and stolen watch and jewellery register is frequently being updated and not every lost or stolen watch is reported to us on the register of the lost and stolen watch and jewellery register. (information we hold will be accurate on the  date of a search when

(access register) we can not beheld responsible for any losses Whether Financial or any  other means if After this date that any watches or jewellery is registered as lost or stolen ,we are updating information all the time.

If you are buying or selling a watch on the register we can check the model and serial number on the register before you buy or sell that item. 

When a lost or stolen watch has been identified we will notify the person or the company that the watch has been reported lost or stolen and we will ask the person or the company to hold the watch if it is in there possession. We will expect full co-operation from the company or person who made the enquiry to the register. 

They must assist us and any police force or insurance company we will expect full disclosure of the name and address and phone numbers of the persons who have made the watch available for what ever that purpose was for. 

The company or person must not endanger there staff or there self by holding on to the watch.

Information provided by the client is confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party for the exception of the police and insurance companies as well as solicitors. 

All clients are advised to inform buyers and sellers that they are checking the watch on the lost and stolen watch and jewellery register 

Once information has been registered on the lost and stolen watch jewellery register, we will not offer any refunds for any information that is not correct or accurate or misleading at the time of accessing the register.

Lost and stolen watch and jewellery register will not be liable to the client for any losses or expenses with the exception in the case of gross negligence and the liability will be limited. 

This agreement is governed by laws of England and Wales. 

When you supply information to us you are give us the permission for us to use this information that you have supplied as a private individual Company trade organisations

And giving us the permission to contact you in relating to our company.

We reserve the right to cancel any Agreements you have with the company at any time by giving you notice.


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