About Us

We’ve been dealing with watches & fine jewellery for over 25 years.

Based out of Covent Garden, London, our team has dealt with luxury watches and fine jewellery for over two decades.

Lost & Stolen

Lost and stolen watch and jewellery register we are a company whose goal is to achieve to bring the end of stolen jewellery and watches.

We hope to do this by reporting items that have been lost and stolen on our website to the attention of watch dealers, jewellery stores, pawnbrokers, buying in centres, scrap gold dealers, diamond dealers and the general public. We also work closely with police forces, insurances companies and enforcement teams around the world. 

Private Individuals

You can do your due diligence checks when buying your prestige watch and jewellery by having it checked on our database or you can confirm with your seller that they have checked the watch with the Lost and Stolen Watch Register, but we can not guarantee that all lost and stolen items have been reported to our company.

If you are an individual looking to buy a watch or jewellery you can feel confident doing this by checking the lost and stolen watch and jewellery register by checking the serial numbers of a pre-owned watch and diamond jewellery to ensure it is not lost or stolen before purchasing.

If a watch comes onto our website as stolen we will contact you immediately and ask that you hold the item, then we will liaise with you and the relevant authorities.

If your diamond jewellery serial numbers come back as being lost or stolen we will liaise with the insurance companies and police force, not all diamond jewellery has serial numbers we can only check the jewellery that has serial numbers.

If you have lost or had a watch or piece of jewellery stolen, then registering it with the Lost and Stolen watch and jewellery register will give you a chance of recovery.

If you are a company wanting to lend secured funds you can then avoid lending money on stolen goods and jeopardising your business by checking these items on the lost and stolen watch and jewellery register. By doing so you are doing your due diligence.

If you have had a theft happen to you by registering with lost and stolen watch and jewellery register you have a chance that it may appear on the register in the future and a chance of getting it back we can’t guarantee that all watches lost or stolen are or will be registered on our database at the time of the search.

You can register your jewellery on our lost and stolen watch and jewellery register for a fee.